Through the ruff, finds love

Through this lifetime, I have seen

a mothers lie

a father die

efforts for someone to show love to a little girl

never did anyone care, alone to find a love that dwells

homemade cards, made with a childs hand

“Nope,” not even then

has this woman no heart?

flowers picked from a passing grave

“Nope,” not even then

Told only, “return them at once”

left in the hands of anyone who offered

it was only ever I, who ever suffered

forgotton one dark night on the side of the road at Woomera

had it crossed her mind that someone would find me tommorrow?

did you ever love me like your daughter?

or was I just another lamb left for them to slaughter?

Why would someone hold onto something they disliked?

All these years of feeling unlovable

endless years trying as my life passes me by

you are a mother, but no longer to me

40 years I have spent with nothi g but mess

No longer am I the unlovable girl you neglected

but raising my hopes and thoughts of love

I am worthy of the dream, to have it all, and even more

seeing this man who’s been waiting for me, he loves unconditionally and finally so do I ❤❤❤

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Poetic Author 👐HI ALL ðŸ‘

Well here I am.

I have published my 1st book. Emotional Rollercoaster, a collection of poems by D.A. Hopkins which is now avalible for download or print on demand at Please support your fellow writer and please comment your thoughts or add any suggestions that could improve my poetry. I am very greatful for your time.


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Hello I am an inspiring upcoming poet. I do hope that you not only enjoy reading my work but also feel free to comment, respectively give advice and correct (take into account Australian spelling please)

Emotional Rollercoaster is my first publication. It’s a collection of my poems with the 100s that are still draft copies around the my desk I do hope for a future book of my poems. Please comment let me know your around. Follow me and I will follow you back.

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